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9 Ways to Include Children in a Wedding Ceremony


9 Easy Ways to Include Children in a Wedding

A marriage ceremony includes making promises for a future life together. When children are part of the new union, it is a precious gesture to include them.

Whether you are creating a blended family or an existing family, here are some beautiful ways to involve children of all ages in the ceremony.


  1. The children can hand out ceremony booklets to the guests on arrival
  2. They can be junior bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  3. You can write your children into your vows.
  4. Ask your children to walk you down the aisle.
  5. Have them blow bubbles or throw rose petals during the ceremony and photos.
  6. The children can act as ring bearers
  7. If they’re old enough, they can read a poem – ‘ A Lovely Love Story ’ by Edward Monkton is a favourite of mine. So cute!
  8. You can all sign a “Family Certificate’ – this is not the legal marriage certificate but allows the children to feel part of the new union in a formal way.

And another favourite…

9.      You may wish to exchange a beautiful piece of jewellery that reminds them of this special day.

At a recent wedding, after exchanging rings, the groom went down on his knees to the flowergirl who was the daughter of his new wife. He presented her with a special ring to acknowledge she was part of the new union. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house !


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Whatever you choose , the true message involving children in a wedding ceremony is…

about promising to be there for them, to support them and love them unconditionally.


Involving them in the ceremony not only gives them a role to play on the day but is a statement, in front of family and friends, of how important they are in your family.

Hope you find this information helpful in creating your dream wedding