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How do you Choose the ‘One’ of your Wedding Day?

‘Love is what makes you smile when you are tired’.

A simple statement from a 4 year old. Yet it apples to people of all ages. It easily fits as a feeling for ‘The One’.

The choice of a lifelong partner, the one you will share your wedding ceremony, can be difficult to ‘ know’.

Fortunately others have addressed this dilemma- two people with different life experiences and heritages choosing a common path of marriage. Here are 10 questions to ask each other :

  1. What are your core beliefs? 

    Consider not only words and also actions that bother you

  2. What will never change about you?

    A tricky question – however there are likely things we are all stubborn about

  3. Who are the important people in your life and how will they impact on the marriage?

    Family members and friends are prat of our world and it is a good idea to share how you see them in the future

  4. Do you plan to have children?

    It is surprising how many couples do not discuss this before celebrating their wedding day

  5. Will you have a spiritual / religious household ?

    This is especially important when it comes to childnre

  6. How do you perceive the division of responsibilities in the relationship?

    It is a good idea to find out what of you expects so that there are no surprises

  7. Do you feel confident that you understand each other’s love language?

    A long lasting relationship involves identifying each other’s love language and willingly

    demonstrating it with the partner’s preference in mind

  8.  How do you plan to keep the spark alive ?

    The’ 7 year itch’ exists – a sign of the transition from ‘being in love’ to ‘ a way of loving’

  9. Can you effectively resolve conflict ?

    Some partners prefer to be right than be happy

  10. How do you see you as a couple in 5 years?

    This tests values, ethics and goals. What are deal breakers of decisions?


Asking these 10 questions will ensure your wedding ceremony is the start of a beautiful time together.

It will also assist your wedding celebrant to create a personalised and beautiful ceremony