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How much does a marriage celebrant cost ?

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How much does a wedding celebrant cost ?

Do you wonder how much a celebrant costs ? Do all celebrants charge the same ?

You have likely found a range of pricing and inclusions when searching for any service for your wedding day – be it your venue, musicians or florist. Pricing often reflects the difference in services on offer.

The same applies to your marriage celebrant.

For your wedding celebrant the really important detail is finding a marriage celebrant with whom you feel relaxed and comfortable and who you feel will deliver a ceremony that reflects the style you want on your wedding. Ask yourself these questions .. Do you have a rapport with the celebrant ? When you describe the style you like, do you feel they understand ? 

Have an idea of the style of celebrant you are looking for. Some people prefer a male celebrant, other’s a female. Some have a vision of an older celebrant, some a younger person. Are you looking for a formal or casual ceremony? Imagine selecting a celebrant on price, only to find on your wedding day that the celebrant’s style doesn’t suit you and your vision for your ceremony.

Of course there are a number of factors, which will affect the cost of your celebrant. Location and type of ceremony are the main factors affecting celebrant pricing. Other factors could be:

  • Whether you want a rehearsal
  • Support for the structure of your wedding ceremony
  • Travel time
  • The equipment supplied (PA systems, signing tables, etc)
  • Dress / costume requirements

A basic ceremony will be pre-written with names to suit. There is little work required on the part of the celebrant in the creation of the ceremony. These styles of ceremonies can be as low as $250 – $500.

A ceremony at the Registry offices ranges from $ 422 – $ 533. ( a/a May 2018)

A bespoke wedding ceremony should be in the range of $600 to $1500. There has been reports of some celebrants charging even more. Remember that to provide a bespoke style of ceremony the celebrant will invest between 10 and 15 hours in your ceremony. Even to provide a basic style ceremony the celebrant will invest between 7 and 10 hours in your ceremony. Good celebrants also offer a rehearsal and keep regularly in touch with you during the planning.

Basic advice: read the wedding celebrant’s profile and look at photos of their previous weddings. You will, more than likely, get a feel of their style. Reviews will also give you an idea of what others have liked about the ceremony style.

Then complete the enquiry form. Maybe send to 2-3 celebrants. Then speak , skype or meet with them , sharing your ideas of your unique and personalised marriage ceremony.

More ideas to assist with your wedding planning can be found on the website. You may find the wedding ceremony check list particularly helpful.

Good luck with your wedding planning !