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New research highlights changes in wedding decisions

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Recently I came upon research on weddings which shows some fascinating findings.
1000 couples were asked what are the top 3 things they want from their wedding celebrant. The results may surprise you!
Top of the list ?
1.Vows tailored just for them.
Gone are the days when you can anticipate what will be said in the vows. Today it’s all about personalising the vows so that they reflect the couple. These are often stories, values and dreams unique to each couple.
I find that the bride and groom regularly have different vows. Very often the vowsare not shared prior to the day.They are heard for the first time at the wedding ceremony. This really adds to the sincerity and warmth of the wedding
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2. Provide advice on how to calm the nerves on the big day.
With all the planning and preparation involved with a wedding it is no surprise that there is excitement and stress on the day.
As is often the case, simple things can make a big difference. I find that suggesting a rehearsal is a great help here. When the couple, and their attendants and family are familiar with the timing and the order of ceremony, they are naturally more relaxed.
The wedding celebrant can also on the day relax the couple . I like to recommend that they face each other and hold hands

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3. Be transparent.
Couples need to feel that they can relax and  trust the person who will be guiding their ceremony. It is more than just a moment in time, it is also a life long memory that is being created.

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Will you find these 3 important elements at weddings I celebrate?  The answer is YES!.
Watch the video and you will see for yourself how I achieve a personalised and memorable day for couples.
It will be a thrill to meet with you and discuss how we can together personalise a relaxed and sincere ceremony which reflects your stories, values and dreams.
You can email me here or call 02 93100200. No problem to Skype
With thanks to Modern Wedding for the research findings.