Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed

How your Star Sign can reduce your Wedding Stress

We read often about the stress that surrounds organising a wedding. But what if there was a simple way to reduce this stress and actually have fun and enjoy creating your own wedding ?
Maybe the answer lies in the stars ?  Maybe if we can be true to our star sign then there will be less stress?
Here are some qualities attributed to people of different star signs. The idea is that if you follow your star sign you will be in harmony with the universe and life will be so much easier. Check it out and would love to hear from you if you find it is true for you.

  • Very professional
  • Events are formal, dignified and successful
  • No mistakes – well organised


  • Shocks and surprises are the norm
  • Being different is important


  • Sensitive to the mood of those around
  • High romance, fantasy rather than practicality is the norm.
  • Be aware of sensitivity to alcohol !


  • Competitive and Outrageous are strong points
  • Likes to come first , not happy to second


  • Extremes are the norm
  • Can easily go overboard, especially on food


  • Loves to share the details of special occasions and events
  • Prone to excitement


  • No happy mediums
  • Family politics looms large


  • Here comes the star!
  • Always a creative twist


  • Either extremely well organised or very messy
  • Perfection is valued – but only 50% achieve it


  • Very sincere and committed
  • Tries to please everybody and upset nobody
  • Equality and fairness are important


  • Keen on secrets
  • Passion looms large
  • Emotional outburst or expression is no uncommon


  • Excess looms large
  • Believes strongly in own views

Happy wedding planning !