Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed

Love is Love…gender has no place

Love is Love…gender has no place

Recently I celebrated a joyous ceremony with two beautiful people. 

Before 200 family and friends Ronny and Paul shared their love for each other. The occasion was enriched by the unique heritages they each brought to the occasion. It was a privilege to explain the different traditions and their meanings to the guests.

It was a warm and inclusive ceremony, and highlights the common bonds that bind us.

Traditional labels of age, gender and national boundaries were thrown out the window with guests coming from all corners of the planet to share in this moment.

It is occasions like this that drove me to become a celebrant. It is occasions like this celebration that remind me of the joy that wedding ceremonies can bring to many. The love of the couple spreads like a ripple to all those around so that people who come in contact with them are reminded of the simple bonds that unite us all.

Even though there are many similarities, each wedding is unique quite simply because each of us, and each couple is unique. When preparing for a wedding ceremony each script is defined by the stories and values the couples share with me. And at the end of the day, a copy of the ceremony script is given to each couple so they can continue to share in the moment.

Here is what Paul had to say:

‘Thank you so much Vivien for bringing together such a beautiful ceremony for Ronny and I.  We loved your warmth and dedication to getting to know us beforehand.  Your calm nature helped put us completely at ease and all our guests really enjoyed the ceremony. You brought together both cultures perfectly. Thank you once again Vivien’

same sex wedding celebration

same sex wedding celebration

same sex celebration exchange of rings

same sex wedding celebration -ring exchange

breaking of the glass - Jewish wedding tradition

breaking of the glass – Jewish wedding tradition

Always a thrill to be part of a loving and happy occasion.