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Same sex Marriage is now enshrined in the law

samesex marriage

After the drama and excitement of the same-sex marriage bill passing the House of Representatives chamber , the Governor-General signed off on marriage equality, 8 December 2017.

How does this change the way marriage is celebrated and performed?

When can the first same sex marriage happen ?

As all couples must give their celebrant a month’s notice of their intention to marry, the first same-sex weddings will be able to happen from January 9.

* In addition the legal definition of marriage is changed to:

Marriage according to law in Australia is the union of two people voluntary entered into for life to the exclusion of all others ‘

This must be stated by the celebrant at all legal weddings.

More information on the changes to the Marriage Act will shortly be available on the website of the Attorney General’s Department:

The marriage ceremony is not just a legal occasion. It also reflects the values and style of each couple. The celebration will continue to be an opportunity for each couple to express their love in their own way.

My role is to communicate the values and style of each couple to their selected witnesses.

My wedding ceremonies are designed to honour personalities and traditions, contemporary and traditional. This may include cultural rituals which can seamlessly be incorporated into the ceremony.

Often couples bring rituals from different cultures and heritages. I love to honour the couple’s individual heritages and weave them into the ceremony. If requested these can be sensitively explained to the guests.

Each wedding is approached as a one off special memory. The couple’s initial brief is the basis to create a wedding service suited to each couple. Every wedding ceremony is unique – this is my promise.


Here are some ideas you may find helpful in creating your wedding ceremony .

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