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Secrets of a Beautiful wedding

What are the secrets of a beautiful wedding ?
There is one common element with every wedding – the couple want a beautiful and memorable celebration to treasure for the rest of their lives.
There are many elements that need to come together in synergy to create the moments to achieve this. Many people play a part.
As a marriage celebrant I believe the ceremony is a fundamental pillar.
The ceremony is the heart of the wedding. What happens there is the foundation for the rest of the celebration. It sets the tone for all that follows.
So what are the secrets of a beautiful wedding ceremony?
After celebrating many weddings of different couples with their own unique styles, I have identified 5 elements that, in my opinion, will always result in a ceremony that is filled with joy and warmth.
When couples follow these guiding rules a memorable celebration surely follows as night follows day.
Here is a short video in which I share my guiding rules.

Hope you enjoy the sentiments. I would love to hear if you do.
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How special it is when all the contributors to a wedding share their 5 guiding rules for a beautiful ceremony. What amazing energy that brings to a celebration ! It is true magic !
Wishing you all the best for a year of celebration.