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The Day the Groom arrived with Blood on his Fingers

marriage celebrant skills

marriage celebrant skills with corsage

They came with many bandaids on their fingers…..

At a recent wedding the happy couple and their support team arrived at their ceremony with bandaids on many fingers.

When I asked what happened?’, the response was:

‘ We couldn’t work out how to pin the corsages ‘.


With one swift movement, I placed the pin on the back of the jacket and pushed it through the corsage stem on the front side. Voila ! The ceremony began with laughter all round.

Let’s face it, the best organised wedding cant cover last minute or unexpected events, often  beyond your control.


After a beautiful ceremony in a harbourside park the elated couple were showered with a flurry of white rose petals.

A perfect end to a potential disaster.

love is in the air

love is in the air


This is just one of many unanticipated last minute potential disasters that can befall a wedding ceremony.

On other occasions… 

The floral covered chuppah in the park almost blew away with the wind as the bride was about to arrive…

The bridesmaid  – a favourite pet dog – wanted to pee at the start of the ceremony…

A two year old page boy became very restless in the middle of the ceremony…..


All in a day’s work as a marriage celebrant.


Another successfully averted disaster !


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