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The Key to a Wedding that reflects you

Welcome to your wedding !

Your ceremony is the heart of this occasion and your marriage celebrant is the key to creating a lifelong memory that reflects you, your style, your values and also ensures you relax and enjoy the moment.

What is the essence of a beautiful ceremony ?
What are the qualities you need from a marriage celebrant ?

From the short video below learn more about how I approach your wedding and my promise to you.

I would love to hear your ideas and together create a beautiful memory. Contact me or call me to discuss further- 612 93267100

Read more about what I bring to your wedding to make it extra beautiful and memorable.

There are also some great tips and tricks for your wedding on the website. For example, sample wedding vows can be found here.

You may find FAQ a most helpful resource as it provides answers to the many questions I have received over the years from couples.

Basic information on your legal requirements is detailed on this website too. Should you require detailed information for your specific circumstances check out the following link for helpful resources .

Links to the Attorney General’s Department may be useful as they cover requisite forms such as an application for your birth certificate. This is a common question as people often find it difficult to locate this relevant document.

And just for fun, I have included some of my favourite wedding spots? We are so fortunate in Sydney to have a a great selection of beautiful and romantic locations.

Ultimately it’s all about finding the key to a wedding that reflects you – your personalities,your stories, values and dreams.

Hope you find this information helpful.