Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed

Oh no ! There’s a stain on my wedding dress !!

You’ve planned every detail of your wedding, from the vows, to the flowers to the photo location because you want to have perfect memories of your wedding day
….  and then out of left field , there , on the gorgeous dress that you have spent so much time selecting to ensure it is the one you want to be married in, you see a stain… !  A wedding nightmare.
Don’t panic! With a kit of homemade solutions on hand, you can keep smiling in your photos and back on the dance floor hardly missing a beat. Check out the guide below:
1. For protein-based stains eg blood, sweat, milk
Solution: 4 parts water + 1 part ammonia + 1 part peroxide + 1 part dish soap
2. For oil-based stains eg cheese, sauce
Solution: 1 part dish soap + 1 part white vinegar
Place an absorbent cloth under the stain.
Dip a Q-tip or rag in the solution, lightly pat the stain. As the stain comes through, rotate the absorbent cloth.
Flush stain area with lukewarm distilled water …….. then keep celebrating!
Nothing can stop you now from enjoying your wedding day.