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Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Venue

What do you need to consider when booking your wedding venue ?

 The day can be impacted by many factors , for example the weather on the day.

With summer ahead, here are a few tips to help choose the right wedding venue.

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Perhaps you have chosen a wedding venue which has special significance to you – such as the place you met or where you proposed. Consider if it will accommodate the number of guests you wish at your wedding, is easy to find, will suit the style you want for your wedding. If you like a formal wedding will high heels work ?
Outdoor weddings are really popular – they are romantic and suit our climate and outdoor life style. However we need to acknowledge the weather on the day.
I have celebrated many weddings in parks with fabulous views. At one wedding , in the blazing sun overlooking the harbour, there was one lone tree offering some shades for guests. I think they remembered the wedding for the wrong reasons.
Here are few tips and tricks to ensure your guests are comfortable.

  1. Have a basket of paper umbrellas – you can pick them up very cheaply online
  2. Provide hand held fans – you can even present your program as a fan!
  3. A basket of bottles of water

In the long days of summer, enhanced by daylight saving, there is a wonderful opportunity for wedding photos. But what do your guests do between the wedding ceremony and reception?
At a recent wedding in the Hunter Valley, the bride and groom arranged fun games to be played in the fields during their photo session.
At another, the guests were provided with a list of local coffee shops. At another wedding where there were a lot of overseas guests,  a coach took the guests on a tour of Sydney.
Destination weddings are increasingly popular. We are fortunate to have many beautiful locations along the Australian coastline, in the mountains around Sydney and even offshore islands.
You will need to give your guests extra advance notice if you choose this path.
Wherever you decide to celebrate your wedding, it will be a thrill to support your wedding celebration.
Happy planning !