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Top 5 Tips for Wedding Wellness

A good marriage celebrant puts a smile on faces

Weddings are renowned for being stressful. But there are simple steps you can take to minimise wedding stress and have fun on your wedding day.
One couple married last weekend decided to take their honeymoon before their wedding so that they could be relaxed and enjoy their wedding day.
If this doesn’t work for you , here are 5 tops tips to maximise the joy and memory of your wedding:
1. Take Care of Yourself
i.) Include exercise in your routine. Whatever works for you – walking, cycling or dancing in your lounge room. Any physical activity creates uplifting and stress-stabilising endorphins.
ii.) Pamper yourself. A massage, facial, manicure or pedicure can reduce your stress levels. Even a simple relaxing bath can wash away stress. These all help to keep you well balanced and stay on task.
Delegate Tasks
A wedding involves alot of details and organisation- you cant do everything yourself. Ask friends and family to help you- you will probably find that they will love to do so and be part of your wedding day.
Express Your Feelings
i.) Writing is a safe and accessible way for you to express your emotions. Nips it in the bud before you become anxious. Identify what’s bothering you, and address that topic solely. For example, if you’re upset your sister wont be there, title the entry’ Missing Sis’ and write only about this to avoid flooding yourself with too many emotions at once.
ii.) Allow yourself to be nervous. It’s natural to be nervous on your wedding day. Fear and excitement often go hand in hand. Acknowledge your nerves and discuss them with a trusted confidant.
Hope you find these helpful. If you have any tips which are working for you to minimise wedding stress, I would love to know.
All the best for a relaxed and joyful wedding day