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Your Wedding Ceremony – Plan B

You’ve found the perfect outdoor location for your wedding ceremony… maybe a garden in a romantic setting, your favourite beach, perhaps a vantage point overlooking the ocean or harbour.

You know you will have some wonderful wedding photos in this setting. It’s the perfect place.. just as you had always imagined for your wedding ceremony. Tick !
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You have your checklist for the ceremony, and all has been covered off. Tick!

But wait…. have you allowed for weather conditions on the wedding day?

The setting may be beautiful when it is sunny, but can it get windy at this location ? What if it is raining, or super hot ? Have you allowed for undercover area for your guests if it is a really hot day?
As part of your wedding planning , always allow for Plan B.
Recently a couple chose a stunning location for their wedding ceremony – a harbourside park with the harbour bridge in the background. Perfect. The wedding canopy was being erected when the wind suddenly picked up just before the arrival of the bride. Thanks to the quick thinking of some guests the canopy, which almost became airborne, was held down discreetly by stakes and people.
On another occasion the location for the wedding ceremony overlooked a pretty beach. Gorgeous spot, but not a tree in sight.
All that was needed to ensure guests could really enjoy the wedding on a hot summer afternoon was to have on hand a number of small umbrellas. What a difference this can make on a hot summer’s day.
Hot Tip! Visit your wedding ceremony site some days before your wedding at the same time you propose to hold the ceremony. Then you will know just how high is the sun, and can assess the need for some shelter.
If the reception venue is not far from your outdoor ceremony location, you can always note on the RSVP that the ceremony will take place inside at the reception if the weather inclement.
Some of my couples , when the outdoor ceremony is not so close to the reception have chosen to decide at some point on the wedding day if a change is necessary and text all their guests. You just need to remember to have all their mobile numbers ! Perfect job for the bestman and your support team.
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