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Wedding Planning Video … The Unexpected

When planning a wedding there are many questions …..

Where to find the answers ? You want your wedding ceremony to reflect your style and values and be unique to you, however perhaps the experience of others may be helpful. Here we look at planning for the unexpected at your wedding ceremony.

As a marriage celebrant couples regularly ask me for ideas on the numerous aspects that come together to make a wedding ceremony. So , based on their questions, I have made a series of 60 second videos . They cover the most frequently asked questions.

For example:

‘What are some ideas to involve family in the wedding ceremony? 

‘What are some ideas to involve our pets in the wedding ceremony? 

How can we incorporate our differing cultures in the wedding ceremony?

What do we need to think about for an outdoor wedding?

Is a same sex wedding different ?

Is there any way can we plan for the unexpected?

avoid the unexpected - animals at weddings
Animals at weddings

In 10 short videos I share with you the ideas which other couples have found helpful.

Today the video focus is on how to avoid the unexpected at your wedding ceremony. There are many ways you can add special touches to your wedding without surprises. This video on planning for the unexpected is one of a series of short videos with top tips to have a beautiful wedding that reflects the two of you. Learn more here

avoid the unexpected -children at your wedding

Future blogs will cover other aspects of your wedding for you to consider. These include , involving children in the ceremony and many more.

It is also recommended that you review earlier blogs on this website as they also offer ideas to make your wedding planning easier and stress free.

Avoid the unexpected at your wedding- learn more here !

Hope you find these helpful. Remember, You are welcome to contact me 7 days to discuss all aspects of your wedding ceremony by email or mobile – +61 408888820. It is a pleasure to support you on your special day.