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Wedding Secrets are in the Detail

The secret of a successful event is in the details

Of course, big items such as the location, venue and food are significant in creating the ambience of your event. However, it is often the small things that subtly weave their way into memories. When planning an event ask yourself what you remember of a recent special occasion. Chances are it is the small details that linger after the event.

For example, what do you remember from the last wedding you attended? Was it a particular speech at the reception? Was it the personal stories of the ceremony ?

Wedding Details

As an experienced marriage celebrant there are a number of memorable details that can be easily added to a wedding ceremony.

Here are my top 7 wedding secrets and how I incorporate them in a memorable wedding ceremony. 

  1. Think of those who helped create the special person that you are and acknowledge them in the ceremony.  

Click here for some ideas.

  1. Consider if you would you like to acknowledge first nations land on which your ceremony takes place. 

Generally 50% of my couples do

  1. Mention your selected wedding colours to your celebrant.  

I then match my outfit to suit the colouring.  Improves photo composition.

Very happy couple
  1. Share with the celebrant where you met and what drew you to each other.  

These are included in the ceremony script and engage your guests

  1. Be aware that you may feel nervous for a number of reasons – perhaps the significance of the occasion or being the centre of attention.

So that the couple are more relaxed I invite them to face each other and hold hands during the ceremony. Holding hands always is calming.

Feel the warmth and love
  1. Share with your celebrant if you feel anxious about saying your vows.

I print vows in large font for couples to read. No need to memorise wording.

  1. Be clear about the style of ceremony you would like Formal? Relaxed?
Perfect setting for a relaxed wedding ceremony

Whatever style is chosen I believe a beautiful ceremony reflects joy and warmth.

vivien reed marriage celebrant
Feel the Joy and Happiness

Whatever your responses to the above wedding secrets I guarantee a ceremony that is unique to you. That is my promise.  

For more key elements of a beautiful wedding click here.

Remember, to discuss your wedding ceremony you can contact me 7 days Mob: 0408888820 or email.