Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed Marriage Celebrant - Vivien Reed

Inspirations from Real Wedding Ceremonies

It is now 10 years since I conducted my first wedding as a marriage celebrant. During this time I have discovered inspirational moments which are integral to beautiful wedding ceremonies.


These moments draw everyone into the celebration. When you focus on these 3 elements you are sure to give a lifelong memory to all present.


Of course the occasion is all about the couple celebrating their love for each other with special people in their lives. They bring a radiance to the occasion unlike any other. I am constantly amazed , when meeting a couple to discuss their ceremony in the lead up to the big day, how every bridal couple exudes a unique quality of joy and calm on the actual day of the wedding ceremony.

So often the couple smile the whole way through the ceremony- it’s a smile of unconditional love and rapturous joy.

I always invite each couple to face each other during the ceremony, holding both hands. It seems to heighten the aura that surrounds them. It is an integral part of a real, beautiful wedding ceremony.


Your guests arrive excited to share in the celebration of a person or a couple they have watched grow from being in a casual relationship to now, a permanent bond of love. When guests are greeted on arrival – perhaps by the groomsmen or ushers , you have set the tone of inclusion and welcome . If you have a wedding program it is a good idea to allocate 1-2 people to distribute the program to arriving guests. That way too they can engage in your chosen style of wedding celebration.

love is in the air
love is in the air

Your choice of setting says a lot about the two of you. It tells a clear story of the style you have chosen for the day. It provides guests with a tangible idea of the mood or the theme of your wedding day.

Outdoor weddings are popular and exude a sense of openness and suggest a relaxed wedding.

Venues with a big view can achieve the same, especially with props available to enhance the style you have chosen.

Recently I celebrated a wedding in a paddock 2 hours out of Sydney. The couple built a canopy from tree branches and were surrounded by open paddocks with mountain tops as a backdrop. It suited the couple perfectly – they were both natural, relaxed, warm, loving people with children. The setting reinforced the style they wanted for their wedding day.

The setting was perfect for them and ideally suited many of their guests with young families.

I also celebrated a wedding in an intimate harbourside park in the city. A small wedding with selected guests. Everyone felt free to be themselves and express their feelings on the day.

With so many beautiful options to choose from today you are bound to find a setting that suits you perfectly.

It never ceases to amaze me, at every wedding, how each couple seem to be able to express their unique relationship in a personal and joyous way.

For more ideas to create a beautiful wedding, this video shares further insights from real weddings I have supported. Beautiful wedding vows can be found here

Hope you find them helpful in creating a memorable celebration of your love.